Playback Software: Reference Implementation

One of the primary goals of the Lib-Ray project is to create playback software for Lib-Ray that fully supports all of the menu features. This software will serve as a reference implementation which can either be integrated into existing home-theater PC or embedded player systems or serve as a guide for new implementations. It will also be available to use as a playback program on general purpose computers.

The design is fairly simple in concept:

The software player will of course, also be the core of embedded hardware players for Lib-Ray.

Development Repository

The Subversion repo for the reference implementation is maintained on Google Code:


The site contains instructions for checking out a copy of the source code (still a non-working "pre-alpha").

Package Downloads

As releases become available, they will be available from this page. There will be three types of packages:

Note that the "lrtest" packages are much larger (several hundred megabytes), because they contain a small (1-minute) Lib-Ray video release to use in the tests. You do NOT need this package unless you want to run the tests. If they are not found, the program will (or should) print a notice and continue to start up. The test module also has no appreciable "code" -- just control file, binary files, and some HTML templates.

For these reasons, the "lrtest" package is not maintained in the version control system. We will simply make releases and/or patches as needed.

It may seem a little odd to have the test fixtures posted before having a release, but it's a requirement for development, since we're working on a "test first" basis.


No releases yet.


No releases yet.



Authoring Wizard Software

In addition to creating a playback program, we'll be creating a simple GTK "Wizard" application to streamline mastering your own Lib-Ray movie releases, based on templates.

If the templates are too restrictive, don't worry: you can edit the page design afterwards to easily fix aesthetic issues. Or you'll be able to create your own templates. Since the menu design is in HTML, there are lots of tools for editing, visualizing, and autogenerating the code.