A high-definition video standard for free-culture video distribution.

  • HTML-Like Menu Syntax
  • Open VP8/VP9 Video Codec
  • FLAC Lossless Audio Codec
  • Advanced SSA Subtitles
  • Data Directory as a Standard Feature
  • Hardware-independent standard

0.2 Prototype Documents

These documents are for the "0.2" prototype and are probably going to be replaced in version "0.3" and later.

libray.js (Lib-Ray Version 0.2)

This Javascript library is required to create Lib-Ray version 0.2 disks. It should be stored in the "Menu" folder of the disk, and menu pages will need to include it by reference.

feature.html (Lib-Ray Version 0.2)

Template for the video container page. You should use this as the basis for all feature videos on your Lib-Ray disk (most disks will have only one, which means this file can be used with almost no changes).


Guide for watching Lib-Ray disks. Includes work arounds for incomplete support in current browsers.


Guide to authoring a Lib-Ray disk using free software tools (describes the method used to create the prototypes).


Guide to features and software needed to playback Lib-Ray disks properly. Includes the portions of the HTML5 spec that need to be addressed, which browsers work with it (currently only Chromium comes close), and recommended behaviors for Home Theater PC systems

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